I’m sorry I stopped posting all of a sudden but I kinda lost interest in editing THOND stuff. After +50 edits it gets a bit repetitive :s

Thanks for following though, I apologize for all the requests people sent me and I didn’t fulfill.


Someone asked me to edit 1 scene from the second movie but this is horrifying I can’t do it


Current discussion: The idea of a Genderbent!Hunchback of Notre Dame where Frollo’s “sin” becomes that he fell for the male gypsy dancer (Esmeralda) and Feebus was still Captain of the guard, but was actually a female hiding her gender (until the point where she gets hit by the arrow and male!Esmeralda saves her).

"Gypsies don’t do well inside stone walls."


Fem!Phoebus from “The hunchback of Notre Dame”! (and aso her with Male!Esmeralda <3 ) 

But suddenly an angel has smiled at me

And kissed my cheek without a trace of fright

I dare to dream that he

Might even care for me

And as I ring these bells tonight

My cold dark tower seems so bright

I swear it must be Heaven’s light

I’d kill for some genderbent thond fanfiction tbh